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Immigrants received health care at our clinic rather than using emergency rooms

Our Mission
& Vision

How do we measure our success?

We quantify the outcome of our efforts by the number of lives we touch and the richness of quality added to those lives. We open our doors and our hearts to every woman, man, and child that comes to us with an immediate need, without regard to their circumstances.

Our Mission & Vision

We serve individuals of every faith, perspective, background and ethnicity

  • 2,000+ Talented Employees
  • 8,000+ Dedicated Volunteers
  • 80+ Vital Programs

Marvelous individuals of all faiths, ages and ethnicities, come together to improve the lives of over 160,000 individuals and families. We prepare and serve over 500,000 meals a year to people who depend on us for a daily hot meal.

Every day, at more than 80 programs at 200 locations throughout Maryland, Catholic Charities of Baltimore is there to help. Why do we do this—and much more? It’s because we really are inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve and teach, work for justice and to improve the lives of Marylanders in need. That is our Mission and we live it.


Read more inspiring stories and encouraging outcomes from the countless lives changed through our initiatives.


  • 3,100 Neighbors received clothing, shoes, school supplies or other needs

  • 261,471 Meals were served

  • 238 COVID-safe events were hosted


  • 113,000 Individuals found safe places to sleep

  • 306 Individuals/families found a home

  • 152 Families avoided eviction


  • 3,100 families and children received clothing, shoes, school supplies, or other needs

  • 170 unaccompanied minors were reunified with family or sponsors


  • 1,724 homes were offered to seniors in need

  • 208 Older adults received congregate housing services

  • 375 Older adults were served by the Answers for the Aging program


  • 9,680 People, including children, received behavioral health care.

  • 87% of adults and young adults showed improvement in their mental health after receiving care


  • 7,852 Volunteers

  • 204k Volunteer hours in service to our programs and initiatives