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There are 80 programs available to meet the needs of our community. We are here to guide you through what options may help meet your goals faster and connect you to the right resources.

Healing Trauma and Addiction

Mental health is vital to our overall health. We’re proud to offer our community access to a wide-range of mental and behavioral health services for children and families. Our services include addiction counseling and treatment, including medication to assist with treatment. Telehealth is available when appropriate.

Finding freedom through overcoming mental health struggles.

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Senior Care and Housing

Our senior services are built on traditions of excellence, dignity, and respect. As a leading provider of exceptional, affordable apartment communities and life care options for seniors in the Baltimore region, we deliver compassionate care through a full continuum of services available to people of all faiths.

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Immigration Services

It is a privilege to welcome recent immigrants. The Esperanza Center is a comprehensive resource center whose mission is to help immigrants navigate life in a new country. Our dedicated staff and volunteers provide services related to education, healthcare, immigration legal matters, family reunification, anti-trafficking, and general community support to thousands of immigrants each year.

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Safe Housing and Shelter

Through a variety of programs across Maryland, we assist people who are struggling to make ends meet and striving to work their way out of poverty. With programs that include a range of transitional housing services, meal programs, education, employment and counseling services, and referrals to other support services, our goal is to enable families and individuals to fully achieve financial independence.

Poverty relief and housing assistance for many individuals.

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Support for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

Our mission is to empower people in their hope to live fully self-governed lives. We recognize that everyone has something unique to contribute to the world. We are dedicated to discovering the magic in each individual and giving them the platform to become the best version of themselves. Through employment training, residential services, and community-based day services, we function as a supportive environment for the most positive growth.

Employment training and residential services for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

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Employment and Careers

Access to steady employment enables individuals to help themselves and their families. We offer job training programs that educate and connect skilled workers to employers who need their help. By assisting with job-readiness, offering intensive training, and professional development, we help improve lives across our community.

Job training and employment opportunities for all individuals in need.

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Support for Families and Children

At the center of every community is the family unit. Whether it’s support for single mothers, building families through adoption services, education, or immediate intervention to keep a family safe at home, we believe in protecting and serving families for the betterment of our community.

Education, therapy, and extended need services for children and families.

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