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Advocacy &
Public Policy

Committed to working on fair and compassionate policies that safeguard Marylanders in need.

Our staff brings the issues facing children, families, and adults served by Catholic Charities to state policymakers and the wider community, often arranging opportunities for policymakers to hear directly from underserved people with lived experiences. We promote a greater understanding of social justice by sharing the stories of the people we serve, and the lessons learned by our colleagues. The Advocacy team also develops effective strategies in coalition with our colleagues and partner organizations.

2024 Priorities

During the 2024 Legislative Session, Catholic Charities promoted a robust legislative agenda focused on six key areas: Achieving Independence, Aging with Dignity, Empowering Careers, Healing Trauma & Addiction, Supporting Children &Families, and Welcoming New Neighbors. In each area, Catholic Charities not only advocated for policy changes but also for budgetary actions that ensured agencies and providers received the necessary funding to employ a qualified workforce and offer a full continuum of high-quality services.

If you are interested in learning more about each bill, visit the Legislation tab on the Maryland General Assembly website. Enter the bill number in the filter search bar to access bill details.

  • Healing Trauma & Addiction

    We advocate for a robust behavioral health safety-net that includes a full continuum of services, and for programs that center the lived experience of individuals and communities that have experienced trauma, both historic and internalized. In 2024, we worked to ensure that essential behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment is not only available but also fully funded and appropriately delivered.

  • Aging with Dignity

    We advocate for robust, accessible services for older adults that reflect their needs and preferences for where they age, including at home, in the community, or in higher-care facilities. In 2024, we focused on increasing coverage for prescription drugs and hearing aids, improving safety measures in senior living environments, and for initiatives to help reduce staffing shortages.

  • Welcoming New Neighbors

    We advocate for the support and resources necessary for those who have newly arrived in this country to engage with and contribute fully to our communities. In 2024, we fought for increased access to and participation in government programs and services, ensuring that every member of our diverse community feels valued and included.

  • Empowering Careers

    We advocate for policies and resources that allow all Marylanders to have the income and supports necessary to meet their and their families’ basic needs; for accessible and meaningful education and vocational programs to increase job opportunities; and to promote policies and programs that support working Marylanders. In 2024, we supported legislation to help break down barriers to employment and support workforce development programming tailored to
    marginalized populations.

  • Achieving Independence

    We advocate for a sufficient, accessible supply of affordable housing, for food security for all households, and for community resources that support safe and healthy spaces for all Marylanders to thrive. In 2024, we focused on securing resources to help prevent evictions, ensure habitability in rental housing, and reducing barriers to eligibility and accessibility to benefits.

  • Supporting Children & Families

    We advocate for accessible programs and ample services that support children and youth in their development, as well as policies that support families. In 2024, we focused on access to child care, expanding health coverage for children and advancing policies and programs that support families during times of crisis and transition, while ensuring that our youth receive the care and resources they need to thrive.

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  • 73 Bills tracked during the 2024 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session.

  • 53 The number of years Catholic Charities of Baltimore has advocated in Annapolis.

  • 18 Testimonies submitted on 2024 proposed legislation.


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Resources and Publications

Maryland Issues and Statistics

The Safety Net Research Page: This page offers details the University of Maryland School of Social Work’s research on the state’s safety net benefits.

Government Resources

Elected Officials: To find your elected officials, put your address information into this link to search for your state and local elected representatives.

Maryland General Assembly: The Maryland General Assembly has served nearly continuously from Maryland’s founding in 1634. The General Assembly makes laws for the state, may levy taxes and may reduce or restrict the budget proposed each year by the Governor.

Maryland Governor: The current Governor of Maryland, Wes Moore, was inaugurated as the 63rd governor of the State of Maryland on January 18, 2023. Maryland’s Lt. Governor is Aruna Miller.

Questions about getting involved?

Please contact the Advocacy Team at [email protected]