Inspired by the Gospel mandates to love, serve and teach, Catholic Charities provides care and services to improve the lives of Marylanders in need.
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Improved Lives
"I was homeless, hopeless, and helpless. Catholic Charities helped me turn my life around."
The pathway to self-sufficiency starts here. Help us end poverty, one person at a time.
Last year, Catholic Charities programs provided employment training and placements for 1,094 people.
Last year, Catholic Charities programs helped 1,228 people secure housing.
Last year, Catholic Charities programs served 522,126 meals to hungry people.
Last year, Catholic Charities programs provided intake, case management, and emergency services to 11,948 people.

Catholic Charities is a permanent solution
"My husband and I lost our jobs, then our home. When we found Catholic Charities, we did not know where else to turn. They told us we were going to be okay and helped us make a plan to get back on our feet." ... Read more
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Catholic Charities is one agency encompassing more than 80 programs. We're always busy. Find us in the news and learn more about our upcoming events. ... Read more
Every Person Has an Inherent Value
The foundation of everything we do at Catholic Charities is the belief that every person has an inherent dignity worthy of our respect, care and concern. Our mission and values compel us to meet the needs of vulnerable people, regardless of their external circumstances – and this includes their immigration status. Our work with newcomers to the United States is nothing new for Catholic Charities. ... Read more