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Stocks & Mutual Funds

Paperless Transfer to Catholic Charities Brokerage Account (Preferred)

This is our preferred method. If you do not have physical possession and your broker has the securities in a “street account” you and your broker can transfer the stock electronically through DTC instructions to our account. Please instruct your broker to transfer the appropriate number of shares to the Catholic Charities account at:

PNC Bank
Account number 21-46-001-5910802
DTC 2616

Contact: Lauren Kast, 410.237.5561

Once you have authorized the transfer, please contact Gill Wylie at 667-600-2018 to inform us of the corporate name of the stock and the number of shares being transferred.


Hand Delivery of Stock Certificates

If you hand deliver the certificate to Catholic Charities, it should be properly endorsed. Each certificate must be signed on the reverse side and your signature authenticated by an organization such as your bank or brokerage house that has the ability to guarantee your signature.

Once properly signed, the certificate is negotiable. The date of delivery to Catholic Charities becomes the effective date of the gift. Hand deliver the certificates to:

Catholic Charities
320 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

If you have any questions, please contact Gill Wylie via email at [email protected]


Mailing Stock Certificates

If you have physical possession of stock certificates and wish to mail them, mail the unsigned certificate(s) via registered mail, return receipt requested, to:

Catholic Charities
320 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD  21201

In a separate envelope, sign a blank stock power for each certificate exactly as your name appears on the certificate. To obtain a blank stock power form, contact your broker, banker or Catholic Charities. Please include a note stating your gift intention, your name, address and phone number.