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Season of Wonder

Give the gift of healing this Christmas to a child or family in need. Your gift this year is more important than ever.

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Ways to Give

Make an online cash gift now to support the Season of Wonder.

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Donate most needed items
A great way to help a child is to provide items to enhance children’s therapy environments. If you choose to sponsor at this level, you will have an opportunity to pick off a list with several categories, including toys, games, sports equipment, art supplies, and so on. Therapists, social workers, and residential treatment counselors incorporate toys that will help each child to reach their goals. As simplistic as they seem, every one of the items below has great therapeutic value to help kids heal from trauma, build coping ability, and practice interpersonal skills. Your sponsor packet will tell you more.

Donate Now 

Donate outdoor holiday decorations
Every year, volunteers turn St. Vincent’s Villa into a Winter Wonderland for the children living there. This year, we are moving decorations from the gym to the rest of the building, including the children’s apartments and some outside spaces. However, our decorations are largely indoors, we are also welcoming donations of outdoor decorations in good condition.

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Become a Sponsor

Sponsor a child
Every year, people like you help the child welfare and mental healthcare programs of Catholic Charities of Baltimore have resources to enhance our mission by providing:

  • Christmas and birthday presents for Children at St. Vincent’s Villa
  • Therapy supplies that help children further their healing from trauma
  • Gift cards to support families in need and activities for children that help sustain their treatment
  • And more!

Children receive intensive treatment at St. Vincent’s Villa to stabilize them and restore them to their community as soon as possible. We serve children between the ages of 5 and 14, but many residents are males over 10 years old. Since many of the youngsters spend their holidays at St. Vincent’s Villa, sponsors’ gifts make Christmas memorable. Each child creates a wish list, which additionally includes some their basic needs or suggestions added by their therapist. Sponsorship typically costs approximately $300.

When you sponsor a child, you purchase gifts and needed supplies for a child receiving treatment at St. Vincent’s Villa (or a child who will be admitted in the next year). The children and their therapists have provided wishes, which we then follow with a request for assistance in providing some fun experiences to the children.

Become a Sponsor


Sponsor violence prevention among youth
Your gifts of necessities, toys, bicycles, and gift cards allow our Safe Streets team to do more effective community outreach, helping to normalize the message in West and South Baltimore and mentor youth. Bikes and toys provide incentives for youth to engage in community work. Gift cards provide opportunities for our team to intervene and help stabilize a family in need, as well as do outings and cookouts with youth.

*Special note: Do you have a relationship with a supermarket or meat supplier? Safe Streets is looking for a partner who can donate meat to supplement food people in the neighborhood at food banks. If so please contact us, directly.

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Sponsor a family

Most of the families we serve in our behavioral health programs also struggle financially. While the family focuses on healing, you can take the pressure off by donating $75 in gift cards for essential needs: gasoline, groceries, or basics like Walmart or Visa.

An important part of sustaining a child’s healing for the long term is involving their caregivers in the treatment process-parents, grandparents, foster parents, or other kin. To that end, we provide family therapy, advice, training and support groups. However, many of our families struggle financially, and so your sponsorship can help them build a more stable home life and give them the extra resources needed to participate in treatment, getting them out of survival-mode.

Become a Sponsor


Learn About your Impact 

Learn about how Season of Wonder gift card donations in past years have made a difference in the stories below.

Villa Maria of Towson
While a client was in the hospital, her husband took off from work to care for their children. He was fired from the small company, no FMLA. On the day he was discharged, the family car was totaled while parked. The family depleted their savings to purchase a car from charity.

A Walmart gift card will help alleviate some stress, by helping the family purchase seasonal clothing for their children and so the parents can focus financial resources on rent and utilities.

Villa Maria of Harford County

“A client lost his mother at a young age. His father works hard to raise the client and his sister alone. However, Dad lost his job recently and is struggling to find employment, therefore, he is having difficulty managing finances for the family. Client has a history of anxiety and difficulty separating from his dad. He is interest in starting a school sport.”

A Visa gift card can help the client enroll in a school sport in order to practice independence from dad. It will also help reduce his anxiety by increasing self-esteem and physical fitness.